1987 Talking Walls Randy Paul Stephen Verona
1994 Death Machine, Sgt Bateman, di Stephen Norrington
1994 Four Weddings and a Funeral, Chester, di Mike Newell
1996 Mission Impossible, CIA Guard, di Brian De Palma
1999 Eye’s Wide Shut, Harris, di Stanley Kubrick
2001 Just Visiting, Himself, di JeanMarie Poiré
2011 God Shaped, Hole Man In Black, di Michael Fredericks
2013 Unthinkable, Cpt. Marshall Philips, di Eric Stacy
2014 Il Diario Segreto, Ganner, di Walter Nanni
2015 Exhibitionist, Marcus, di Randall Paul
2015 La Verita Sta in Cielo, Mon. Paul Marcinkus, di Roberto Faenza
2015 SFasion, Cunningham, di Mauro John Capece
2016 Black Butterfly, Mr. Owen, di Brian Goodman
2016/17 Alien Interference, (PP) Dr. Collins, di Roy Geraci



1992 L‘Amor L'amant Canal +
1993 Demob Eps 1 Airman Robert Knights
1997 Wacko from Waco David Koresh BBC
2016 Winterland (Shooting) Dr. Pawlowski, di Alfonso Bergamo



1982 Medal of Honor, rag Rag Guard (Dramalogue Critics award) Timothy Prager


PUBBLICITA' (lista parziale)

Hugo Boss, Ambre Solaire, Sugar Puffs, HOM, Ariel, Baileys Irish, Nissan, Shell Oil, Fosters, lagerr ,Nissan BP, Renault, Garnier, Intel Hewlett Packard, Israeli Lottery, Toyota, Rai Uno, Nike, Lynx, Philip Morris, Bachelor Cooler.


Maestro ospite per il Progetto di Studio 3 "Cinema", TIME - Cinematography: Act of Creation


Actor of TV, theatre and cinema. (Eyes Wide Shut, Mission: Impossible, Black Butterfly). Randall started his career at an early age doing his first T.V commercial in (1974) for Datsun (Nissan) . Studied in Los Angeles with Rick Walters, Vincent Chase, John De Lancie and a host of others in London where he lived and worked for 15 years. Most Influenced by Uta Hagen and Stella Adler. Won the Drama-Logue Critics award for Medal of Honor Rag in 82. After making countless commercials world wide, He took a break from the industry to be with his family and raise his two sons for a short period which turned into 14 years not working as an actor. Moved to New Zealand for 4 years then returned to the States.in 2006 and became an EMT and Firefighter in Oregon, taught skiing and worked as ski patrol for Timberline Lodge. Moved to Italy in 2013. Restarted his career in 2014 as an actor and director. Gives time to students teaching the 32 Techniques for film actors to actors when not working.